Belfast and the Story of the Titanic

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland and the largest city in this region. It was an economic hub for a very long time. Many people regard to Belfast as the birthplace of the famous RMS Titanic. The tragic history of the ship marked the naval history and the later security developments. The movie industry was also marked by the tragic sinking of this ship and one of the most famous movies of all times was inspired from this event. The biggest attraction in Northern Ireland is the Titanic Belfast Museum that attracts millions of tourists every year.

Titanic begins in the shipyard of Belfast.

The story of the Titanic begins in the shipyard of Belfast. The construction of this ship was the biggest ambition of White Star Line. The company was in competition with a British company called Cunard. They needed an amazing ship that would transport people from Great Britain to the United States in the best conditions. The voyage was supposed to leave from Southampton and reach New York. On April 10th, 1912, the departure of this ship was celebrated by many people. There were 2224 people on board and only 16 lifeboats.

The engineers from Belfast designed a very robust yet beautiful steam-powered ship that would assure comfort for the passengers and power for the engines. Like depicted in the movie Titanic, the boat was designed to assure different conditions regarding the price of the ticket. But overall, the conditions were better than on any other ship from that time.

On April 15th, 1912, after sailing for more than 600 kilometers with no incidents, the ship hit an iceberg. The crew started to evacuate the people but there were not enough life boats. The priority was given to women and children from the first class. From the total of 2224 passengers, more than 1500 died and many of the bodies were never found. In 1985 the shipwreck the Titanic was found on the seabed. The interior depicted the horrors and panic from those terrible moments.

The Titanic Belfast Museum

Not only the passenger was hurt by the ship. During the construction that took place in Belfast, more than 15000 men worked in the same time on the ship. More than 200 were injured and about 20 of them were left with severe handicap because of the rudimental safety conditions. The construction followed the highest quality standards of that time and the Titanic had amazing conditions.

Nowadays, an amazing museum dedicated to this tragic event can be found in Belfast. The Titanic Belfast Museum is the most popular attraction on the island. In 2016 it even received a prize for the amazing work. The museum shows replicas of the rooms and engines of the ship and tries to show the life on the boat. The museum also focuses on the design and conception of this ship in collaboration with engineers from Belfast. Many people leave very satisfied with the experience, stating that they felt like they were in the true Titanic. This museum also shows the vast history of ship construction that is linked to the city of Belfast.