Best clothing stores in Belfast

Visiting another city can be an amazing experience and adventure. Belfast is one of the most beautiful cities in the region featuring both traditional and modern elements. Many tourists like to take a break from visiting and to enjoy a bit of shopping during their visit. We have selected some of the best clothing stores in Belfast that have products for the entire family.


Emporio is one of the best clothing shops in Belfast. It has a 30 year experience of dressing women and features more than 25 international brands. It is considered one of the best boutiques for international clothing lovers. They feature products from Armani, Oska, Caterina Luchi and many more.

Envoy of Belfast

Envoy of Belfast is one of the most versatile shops in the city. It features many indie brands and European designers. Most of the pieces are a mixture between vintage and modern fashion. You will definitely find many interesting pieces in this store.

Peel Fashion

Peel Fashion

Peel Fashion is a clothing store that likes to bring remarkable brands close to everybody. This chic store features many international brands and has regular 80% off sales. This store is the perfect place if you like high-end fashion at an affordable price.

Liberty Blue

Liberty Blue is considered the affordable alternative from high-end brands. They feature many elegant pieces and it is the perfect place to buy clothing for an event without getting scared of the price. It features many affordable clothes that have a remarkable quality.


Cubana is the perfect place for fashion lovers. It features exclusive collections from international and indie brands. They are very proud of their variety of colors, fabrics and designs. You can count of the help of a personal shopper that has more than 20 years of experience to help you with the outfit choice.



Smyth&Gibson feature some of the best linen shirts in the whole Europe. This shop pays tribute to the times when Belfast was the largest linen producer in the region. The designs are quite edgy and the quality of the material is definitely high.

The Rusty Zip

The Rusty Zip is the perfect spot for vintage clothing lovers. The two floors of this store are stacked with pieces that will definitely leave a very good impression. The pieces will make you feel nostalgic and the prices are very affordable. Their collections are from fifties until the nineties.

North Clothing

North Clothing is the perfect spot for men who love elegance and fashion. This shop has been dressing the locals for more than ten years and its popularity is rising. It offers many designs and fabrics and it is the best place to find an elegant suit or a casual outfit.



Bogart is the best place to have a custom suit made. The staff is expert when it comes to measurement and choosing fabric. Even the greatest novice in suits will get a masterpiece from this amazing store. The prices can get quite high but you are guaranteed a suit that fits every curve and edge of your body.