Best Coffee Shops in Belfast

The capital city of Northern Island is one of the most interesting cities in the region. It has amazing historical landmarks and is definitely a place to visit. If you are a coffee lover, Belfast will satisfy your passion. Skip the international franchises and enjoy your coffee in one of the local cafes. We have selected some of the best coffee shops to suit your passion.


Clements is a local chain of cafes that is considered one of the best places for coffee lovers. They have many shops throughout Belfast and stated they are very religious about the quality of coffee. There are many options in their menu and you can even make a customized combination. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is the perfect place if you are in a rush.

Oliver’s Coffe & Tea

Oliver’s is another great spot for coffee and tea. They are very proud of their variety of tea and freshly brewed coffee. The interior is very chic and a small terrace is perfect for sunny days. It is considered the perfect spot for a lazy morning coffee.

Belfast Tea and Coffee Co.

Belfast Tea and Coffee Co. is a good place for coffee connoisseurs. It is located in the centre of the city in a chic building. It serves artisan coffee, tea and hand-crafted food. The variety of combinations will suit anybody’s taste. It is the perfect spot is you want to try something new.

Sinnamon Coffee Shop

Sinnamon is one of the top coffee shops in Belfast. They guarantee the best cup of coffee thanks to their highly-skilled baristas and superior quality products. You can also enjoy some of the best cakes and patisserie products in this chic location.

Harlem Cafe

Harlem Cafe is another great location. The interior is composed of a multitude of collection antique objects that give this place a unique charm. Besides marvelous coffee, it is also a very good place to serve food. The terrace is perfect for warm, sunny days.

Established Cafe

Established Cafe serves a wide variety of coffee from all around the world. They bring their products from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Columbia, El Salvador and Ethiopia. You are guaranteed a very good cup of coffee. Besides the beverages, they also serve very good food.

Miel et Moi

Miel et Moi brings all the charm and coziness specific for a Parisian Cafe. The interior is just marvelous and the colors are very comfortable and chic. It respects the French tradition of patisserie and sweets. Another international trend is the five o’clock tea that is definitely an experience to try. Besides these they also serve delicious food.

Synge and Byrne

Synge and Byrne is the perfect spot for design lovers. The interior is a mixture between old and new but the coffee is prepared in the most modern way. They also serve old, traditional food. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee and a feast, this is the best place to go.

These are some of the best locations for coffee lovers. Go ahead and explore the streets of Belfast and stop for a fresh cup of coffee in one of the wonderful local cafes.