Best Restaurants in Belfast

Belfast has recently become a hot spot for tourist activity, since the city has come out of fairly recent troubles it has worked hard to redevelop a lot of its tourist attractions, and it has done a great job of doing so. It was recently voted one of the top cities to visit this year in Europe and for good reason. The city is a multi-cultural area full of interesting history and dynamic people. The architecture of the city is gorgeous and is not to be missed, there are numerous museums and exhibits that you must see, and from the city centre you can easily drive to much of Northern Ireland, such as the Giants Causeway and Port Rush. While you are staying in the city on your fun filled holiday there are an endless amount of delicious and world class restaurants that you must check out. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Belfast at the moment.

Best Restaurants in Belfast


This Japanese inspired restaurant is located in the Botanic area of the city so it is very well located and is central. It has a sushi train that runs through the lower part of the restaurant where you can select various freshly made sushi dishes. There is also seating upstairs where you can enjoy a meal. It is very moderately price and one of the most popular sushi places in all of Belfast, if you’re a fan of Japanese food you should give Sakura a try for sure.


This seafood restaurant is located next to Kelly’s Cellar, which means that after you finish a delicious meal at Mourne you can head next door for a pint of Guinness and some live Irish music. It well known as the most popular seafood restaurant in the city. They source fresh fish and shellfish and have a delicious menu and great options to choose from. They do have another restaurant at the foot of the Mourne mountains but the location in the city centre is the most popular by far.

James Street South

This restaurant is the ideal spot for any picky eater out there, they serve almost all kinds of cuisine and they are great for all times of diets, they have vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options. They are located near the theatre and have great deals on menus for you to stop by and grab a quick bite before a show. They also have cooking schools as well, if you are looking to enhance your cooking skills and have a romantic evening with a loved one this is the ideal place to go to.

Belfast is such a dynamic city and there is so much to see and do, the city is relatively small and is easy to navigate. When you are in Belfast on holiday be sure to give these spots a try and see if they are a good spot for you. We are sure you will find something you like, and while you are at it you can explore the rest of this gorgeous city.

James Street South restaurant