Day Trips from Belfast

Belfast is known as a very vibrant and culturally rich city. It is the capital city of Northern Ireland and the largest city on the island. It has a very long history that can be explored in one of the many museums in this city. It is also famous because it is the birthplace of the Titanic. But besides the marvels offered by the city itself there are many interesting places just outside Belfast. You can easily explore other placed during a day trip. Choosing the perfect trip can be quite a challenge, especially if you are visiting Northern Ireland for the first time. We have listed some of the most interesting day trips from Belfast in order to make your vacation even more beautiful.

Giant’s Causeaway it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list and it is considered one of the marvels of Northern Ireland. A day trips from Belfast will last for about 8–9 hours but it is totally worth it. This place consists of hexagonal pieces of stone that assemble together like a puzzle. This natural wonder is full of mystery and your tour guide will tell you the story of this unique place. You will also enjoy the breeze that surrounds this place in a very mystic way. On your way back, you will be able to observe the natural landscape that makes this region so beautiful.

Another popular trip will take you to all the filming locations of the famous series Game of Thrones. The full-day tour can sound quite exhausting, but it will be totally worth it. The locations were left virtually untouched, so the fans can immerse themselves in the story of Westeros. The advantage of this tour is that you will be able to admire amazing landscapes that made Northern Ireland the place of choice for filming this series. You also find out the true story behind every place. At every location you will be told the exact scene or episode that was filmed here in order to better understand your favorite TV show. This trip is truly amazing both for fans and rookies. At one of the locations there is a replica of the Iron Throne where you can take as many pictures as you want.

Norman Castle day trip will take you to many preserved castles that existed for many hundreds of years. This tour is perfect if you want to find out more about the local history. Your tour guide will tell you everything about the places and you will be able to admire places that are unique in this area. Architecture lovers will also be pleased by this tour because many castles are still very well preserved.

Northern Highlight tour is a rather general day trip that will take you to the major attractions. The advantage is that you will see all the popular locations around Belfast in just one day. The main emphasis is on the amazing historical places and the beautiful natural landscapes.