Famous People from the City of Belfast

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland and the largest city of the island. It has a very rich history and it is considered one of the strongest economies in the area. The history of this city can be traced back to Ancient times when local tribes ruled over this region. The later development was influenced by the neighbors and many discoveries came from this city. It was also the birthplace of many personalities that influenced the local and global history. We have listed some of the greatest people from Belfast.

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most popular book series in history. The story was so captivating that a whole series of movies was developed after them. The books influenced many people and are considered a masterpiece in their branch. But not many people know that the author, C.S. Lewis is from Belfast. The city is so proud of the famous writer that a statue of him entering the famous closet that led to Narnia is found in one of the most famous squares of the city. The statue attracts many tourists and it is considered a very beautiful way of celebrating the writer.

Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney is known by many as the winner of 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature. He is originally from Belfast and there is a whole Centre of Poetry at the local university that was named after the famous writer. He is best known for his Bog Queen and Digging. He is considered a very influential writer that tackled some very sensitive subjects from the history of Ireland. There are many poems and manuscripts of this genius that can be found at Seamus Heaney Centre of Poetry.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is a very famous actor that appeared in movies like Schindler’s List and Taken. He was also starred in many animated movies where is voice impersonated many beloved characters. He is considered a very unique actor that manages to impersonate his characters perfectly. He is very proud of his origin and one of the leading ambassadors for Northern Ireland. His voice was used for the latest tourism add for Northern Ireland.

Osborne Reynolds was a famous innovator and scientist that led many experiments in fluids and dynamics. He lived at the end of the 19th century and many physics laws were named after him. He made many discoveries in the physics world and the science we know today was partially the contribution of this amazing scientist.

Harold Beverage

Harold Beverage is also a great innovator from Belfast. He was the inventor of wave antenna that brought amazing breakthroughs in the communication field. Some of the first antennas were called Beverage antenna thanks to the innovation of this amazing man. We can thank him for the commodity of communication we have today.

James Galway is one the most renowned flute players in the world. He is often called “the man with the golden flute”. He is requested for many amazing concerts and he is very proud of his origin.