More Than Just Rolling Hills

3 Spots That Show Irelands Landscape Variations

Typically, Ireland is portrayed in photos and paintings as a series of fields and hills, which on the whole is fairly accurate. However, there are several exceptions to this rule and many of them make up Ireland’s most visited tourist spots. From wonderful cliff tops to odd rock formations, Ireland still has some variation and some mystery to its landscape. If you are visiting the country and would like a little variation or would like a spot for a day out somewhere different, why not pick one of the following, after all once you’ve seen one hilly field you’ve kind of seen them all.

Glendalough Co Wicklow

The scenic view of lush hills forming a valley that cut into the distance is often enough to draw most here in the first place. The valley of two lakes as it is also known is a wondrous spot on a sunny day and equally beautiful when snow topped in the winter. Another pull at this location is the monastic site nestled into valley. Here a settlement of religious folk lived and practiced many hundreds of years ago and the remains of their structures can still be seen. With the church of Saint Kevin and the large point known as the round tower still fully intact, it makes for a great place to wander round after you have got your fill of the views.

Cooley Peninsula

This part of Ireland offers several different features for you to explore. Firstly, if you loved the hills, the mountains here are even better, ideal for taking a hike and allowing you a rewarding view from the very top. Further down however is the staggering King John’s Castle. This huge stone building is semi-dilapidated but its still in good enough shape for you to go and walk around. Stand in one of its many rooms and see just how big the castle must have been back in its day. After you have finished here you can go right down to the coast and enjoy the waters that settle on the bay, concluding a laid-back day out.

Aran Islands

Of the western coast of Ireland are the Aran Islands, a group of three different rocky lands that are surprisingly inhabited by people despite their bleak appearance. The rock here forms the basis of the ground which can clearly be seen when you visit its impressive cliffs and stare back into the sea. The villages here remain almost entirely preserved as the modernization of the mainland is still yet to hit the islands, which means the authentic feel of an Irish settlement is like nowhere else. Grab a bike and cycle through the many stone walls that have been erected which wind around the small grasslands, or of course you may prefer to travel by horse. There is also the remarkable worm hole, a rectangular swimming pool looking hole in the grey rocks that leads all the way down into the waters below. And if that doesn’t keep you entertained the local seals no doubt will.