Outdoor activities in Belfast

Are you a visitor in Belfast, or you are on vacation, spending your holidays in Belfast? Do you wish to make your vacation a memorial, something you will never forget in a hurry? Then this article will guid you through some outdoor activities you van perform in Belfast while on holidays.

Cave Hill Country Park

For years, this cave has been well known in Belfast all through the city. This cave consist of a wealth of natural, historical features that includes the Belfast castle and also archaeological features. Views from the vintage points in the hillside, are one of the numerous features visitors will enjoy. Some other features such as the Cave Hill Adventurous Playground, Cave Hill Visitors center, Gardens, Orienteering routes, etc.are also available. A visit to this place will be great!

Colin Glen Forest Park

This is a beautiful woodland river glen right at the edge of Belfast Hills. It is the hone to SkyTrek, where you will find the characters from the book authored by Julia Donaldson. Kayaking, archery, mountain biking, laser tay, bubble football and so much more are some of the features and activities that cab take place in this forest.

Botanic Gardens

A visit to this garden that was established by Belfast Botanic and Horticultural Society in 1828 will be a great adventure. This site contains exotic trees, species and plants collected from the Southern hemisphere. The park which is a very important venue for festivals, concert and occasions is also a hone to the Tropical Ravine and the Palm House: www.outdoorni.com.

* The Palm House: it houses diverse tropical plant, seasonal display, birds of Paradise, etc. It is also a glass house that is developed from curved iron and glass. The Palm House was designed by Sir Charles Layon, who was also helpful in the design of Queens University. The foundation of the house was laid in 1839 and it was completed in 1840.

  • Tropical Ravine: it is the home of most of the oldest seed plants, bananas, bromeliad, cinnamon and orchid plants. Charles Mckimm who was the park’s head gardener and his staffs built this Ravine in 1889.

These gardens are filled with a large variety of beautiful flowers and plants, its well loved by everyone and the perfect place to visit on your trip in Belfast.

Cycle Trails and Bike Tours

Varieties of cycle routes ranging from urban cycle lanes to scenic parks and riverside trails are some of the great features of Belfast.

*Belfast bike tours provides a great tour of the city on weekends(Saturday and Sunday), be sure to bring tour camera!

* The comber Greeway is a 7miles traffic-free cycling path all from Comber to Belfast.

All of these spots are beyond beautiful and have gorgeous scenery! Belfast is known for it’s wonderful sights, these are just a handful of them. Be sure to check theses spots out next time you’re traveling in Belfast.