The Most Romantic Historical Sites in Ireland

Even though it is usually rainy, windy, and cold, Ireland is considered as one of the most romantic countries. Old castles, sandy coastline, huge waves of Atlantic Ocean, and eternal green meadows give the mystical feeling and bring some magical dust to daily life. If you are looking for a place to spend a romantic holiday or even honeymoon, here is a list of the most charming and scenic spots of this island.

Wicklow National Park

Absolutely typical landscape of Ireland: valleys, mountains, lakes, shadows of clouds, and deep green fields. All this perfectness will be found at the Wicklow National Park where you can go just for a few hours walking, hiking, or even spend a few days in a cabin. Do not be shocked if some places might seem familiar. Many well-known romantic movies have been shot here including P.S. I Love You.

Ashford Castle

If you have ever read a fairytale about some princesses or a story about the Braveheart knight and tried to imagine the surrounding, then you will have a chance here. Ashford Castle is massive, medieval, and remarkable 800-year-old castle. The castle is surrounded by a huge park, hills, and green forests, so the environment here is very relaxing and just perfect for vacations. This castle has been owned by many different noble families of Ireland and once it was home to the Guinness family also. It is called one of the most beautiful castles in this country. Now it is a very luxury hotel, so you have a perfect chance to feel like a king or queen and spend a night or two in one of the royal rooms.

Cliffs of Moher

This spot might be a must-visit post for all men who are going to propose to their girlfriends but are not able to make long speeches. The majestic cliff at the time of sunset is probably one of the most romantic places in Europe, so you just have to say the main question, and the rest of the speech will be done by nature. Of course, it is worth visiting even if you do not have a plan for engagement. The high cliff, huge waves and the landscape will make you forget all the bad things and just silently enjoy the beauty of life.


Phoenix Park

If you have just a few days at the capital city Dublin but want to escape all the rush, then Phoenix Park might be the best option. The huge wild park is perfect for a long walk to clear your mind, biking, running, or just having a picnic with friends.


There is no better place to calm down as a coastline. The perfect kit for a romantic evening is made of this silent and stony way along the water, wonderful promenade, and little restaurants to eat the most delicious fish dishes in your life. Come here in October when the flow of tourists is lower and enjoy the salty sea air, the noise of seagulls, and wind that will remind you how wonderful is to calm down and just do nothing for a while.