Top Cities to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is a terrific place to visit with many diverse places to see and beautiful scenery to view. There are some top cities you should definitely plan to visit when you are in Ireland. Whether it be for the city life, the landscapes or the history there is so much to take in while in this lush green country.


Galway is a wonderful city to visit. You can walk along the cobblestone streets and pop into some shops and see some great art. Galway is also one of the few cities of Ireland where you can still hear traditional Irish language being spoken and music being played. For history and Irish culture this is one of the best cities to visit in Ireland. There are many fun activities to do in Galway and they also have the King’s Head where many local bands perform, so you should step foot in it to hear some live music.


No trip to Ireland would be complete without a trip to the capital city, Dublin. Even though 30% of the population of Ireland is in Dublin the city does not feel fast paced and hectic in the way that other big cities do. Instead the place has a relaxed atmosphere. Dublin has some great and amazing historic cathedrals you should see, including St. Patrick’s and Christ Church. There are lots of friendly pubs that you can go to grab a cold drink.


Another great city to visit is Kinsale. Kinsale has a beautiful harbor and fabulous restaurants. It is considered by many to be the food capital of Ireland. Kinsale is found in County Cork and is a historic town which has a great deal of military history. It does become very busy during the summer months when it turns to a popular tourist destination. There are several activities to do, such as golfing and yachting.


This is a heritage town that is found in County Limerick, Ireland. This town has many historic buildings and cottages to see. It is a very beautiful little town to visit to learn about the history of Ireland. If you want to visit a peaceful place in beautiful surroundings, then Adare would be a good choice.


Kilkenny is another great historical town. It is a medieval town that has Kilkenny Castle that was built in 1195. The town is located in the south eastern region of Ireland and has many historic religious buildings such as St. Francis Abbey, St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Canice’s Cathedral to name a few. The city hosts various music and art festivals and is known for its art and culture. It has various art galleries, theater, craft workshops, museums and public gardens. It is popular with tourists as a result and should not be missed.


Another great city to visit is Cork. Cork is a city which shows some amazing architectural buildings. You can visit the 14th century Red Abbey bell tower which is made of beautiful reddish color sandstone. There are also various cathedrals and modern buildings to see. We have discussed the top cities you should visit if you take a trip to Ireland.