Top Irish Actors – Part 2

Pierce Brosnan

This handsome dark haired Irishman from County Louth, has been around since the late 1970’s but has been a staple in big films since the 90’s. With a recognisable stretch as the English legend James Bond for four films in a row including the iconic Goldeneye, Brosnan has since made a name for himself in the action movie circuit. Capable of sustaining a dramatic tension while not shying away from humour entirely, he has been cast in everything from disaster movies such as Dante’s Peak to musicals like Mama Mia. With a look of class and seniority Brosnan isn’t far away from a sharp suit, but his typecasting makes him perfect for surprise roles such as a bizarre assassin in the Matador or as the devilish drug pusher in Urge.

Gabriel Byrne

If you are a fan of films with a darker subject matter you will no doubt be familiar with the face of Dublin native Gabriel Byrne. This dramatic actor has an impressive body of work but seems to have a knack for really nailing down roles with shadowy spiritual premises. Take his role in the film Stigmata where he plays a priest trying to understand and justify why a young girl is experiencing the physical effects of the crucifixion. Then in the 1999 action horror End of Days where he stood face to face with superstar actor Arnold Schwarzenegger playing none other than the devil himself, attempting to bring about the apocalypse. He has since starred in Vampire academy, Cronenberg’s psychological thriller Spider and new horrors like the 2018 standout Hereditary.

Aiden Gillen

Also from Dublin comes the omnipresent actor who seems to be everywhere on both film and TV screens. With a solid foundation in TV that saw his character have a pivotal role in the HBO crime Drama The Wire as a mayoral candidate, Gillen has since leaned into his uncanny ability appear deceptive. In his now infamous role as Petyr Baelish or ‘Littlefinger’ in the world dominating Game Of Thrones series, he has shocked audiences everywhere with his whisperings, sly looks and misdeeds. His dominance in television hasn’t stopped him from taking on movie roles however as he has appeared in works by legendary directors such as Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises), Brian Singer (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Guy Ritchie (King Artur).

Saoirse Ronan

In a short space of time this young actress has made an impressive name for herself in the film industry and thus stands shoulder to shoulder with many of Irelands greatest. Starting her acting career at a young age gave her the ability to play iconic roles that needed young yet skilled talent. The incredibly difficult subject matter of child abuse in the Lovely Bones, showed just how unconventional she step in her work as she played and narrated the story, still being very young herself. Again in Hanna she played a teenage assassin in a role that required several different action orientated skills. Today she has eccentric comedy under her belt (The Grand Budapest Hotel) as well as romances and character driven dramas, all of this and she is still in her twenties.