Top Sporting Events to See in Ireland

Britain is not the only country on British Isles that is interested in sport. There are many sports played in Ireland some of which are unique to that country. For instance, Gaelic football is one such sport and a game which has features of soccer and rugby combined. It is a team sport consisting of two sides of 15 players a piece competing on a rectangular grass field. The aim is to score points by punching or kicking a leather ball into the goal of the opposing team.


Hurling is another exciting sport to watch and is actually a fast-paced game. It resembles field hockey in some ways since players can move the ball along the ground using sticks. However, in addition the players can also carry the ball in the air on the stick or even hit the ball through the air with the stick. The female version of the sport of hurling is called camogie. Gaelic football and hurling can be seen at the Gaelic Games which are well attended by often as many as 1 million people.


This is a very popular sport around the world but has always been tremendously popular in the UK and Ireland. Rugby tends to draw very large crowds of spectators and loyal fans who enjoy this energetic and often rough game. The Six Nations championship is a big and popular sporting event, a tournament involving the following countries: Ireland, France, England, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. There is also a Women’s Six Nations rugby tournament. In both events there are several rounds of plays, with winners advancing to the next step until the final play off between the last two remaining teams.

Other Sports

Soccer is also played in Ireland but generally does not get as much attention as rugby, whose local team rivalries seem to be more intense, then those of the less supported soccer teams, but still a great spectator sport if you’re a seasoned fan or a novice. Golf attracts large crowds as well when tournaments feature well-known players. A major golf tournament to watch is the Irish Open at which some of the best  players in the world compete against each other and play on some of the greatest golf courses around.

Horse racing is a popular sport to watch and many people love to bet on the outcome. Such racing events can also become fashion showcases with people going all out to dress up. Two well attended and popular sporting events are the Galway Race Week and also the Easter races that are held at Fairyhouse. There is a summer festival, autumn races and October festival at Galway and The Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse which is a hugely popular sporting event.

Equally popular is the Ulster Grand Prix which is a motorcycle road race attracting large crowds of spectators who enjoy the excitement and thrill of this fast and exhilarating sport!

Ireland has a range of sporting activities and events to attend, some specific to the country itself which make them especially attractive to those visiting, so be sure to check them out if you get a chance.